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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0365 JIEWON LEE The Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Soluble Scarlet Acid Dyes for Digital Textile Printing 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터

Min Sup Park Synthesis of Mid-range Vinylidene Content Polyisobutylene by Using BF3/N-Propanol Catalyst 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
0922 Min-Jae Lee Physical properties analysis of ophthalmic materials with high, medium and low moisture content 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터

Duck Hyun Kim Characterization of dental resin cement material with antibacterial and high bonding strength 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1015 Yoon-Ji Yim Effect of oxyfluorination on pull-out behavior of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy matrix composites 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1025 Yoon-Ji Yim Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Metal-plated CNTs/High-density Polyethylene Composites 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1032 Yoon-Ji Yim Removal of elemental mercury by activated carbons impregnated with halides 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1057 Yifan Zhang A facile ultrasonic-assisted fabrication of carbon nitride/carbon dots composites for photocatalytic degradation behaviors of rhodamine B 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1060 Yifan Zhang In-situ synthesis of BiOClx/BiOBry/BiOIz nanofibers for visible-light photocatalytic investigation 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1063 Yifan Zhang In-situ growth of Graphene Oxide/BiOCl composites nanofibers and their application in photocatalytic degradation of RhB 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1080 Adeela Rehman Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped microporous carbons derived from microporous imine-linked polymer for efficient CO2 adsorption 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1098 Adeela Rehman Designing microporous carbons from melamine-based polyaminals for carbon dioxide adsorption 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1100 Adeela Rehman Facile synthesis of microporous carbonaceous materials through Schiff base polymer for CO2 capture 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1137 YINHANG ZHANG Study of nanodiamond/nitrile-butadiene rubber nanocomposites fabricated by one-pot design 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1138 YINHANG ZHANG Rheological behavior of mercapto-terminated silane-treated rice bran carbon/nitrile butadiene rubber composites 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1139 YEONG-RAE SON Simple preparation of sponge-like graphene-based carbon frameworks by non-template method for electrodes of supercapacitor 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1140 YINHANG ZHANG Nanodiamond nanocluster decorated-graphene oxide for fabricating epoxy nanocomposites 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1403 Ji Woong Han Study on polymerization properties of polyethylene wax with metallocene catalyst 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1545 YE-EUN KIM Prediction of the diffusion coefficient for infinite water based on quantitative structure-property relationship modeling 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1616 Byeong Woo Son Development of predictive QSPR model of octanol-air partition coefficient for pollutants 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1916 Hyun Wook Cha New Solid State Photochemistry of Siloles Driven by ortho-Carborane: Insight on Structure-Property Relationships 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1918 Jong-Hoon Kim Synthesis, and Photophysical Properties of Blue Phosphorescent Heteroleptic Iridium(III) complexes 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1921 Bo-Sun Yun Investigation of the Electrochemical, Photochemical, and Spectroelectrochemical Properties of the Ir (III)/Pt (II) and Ir(III)/Ir(III) Bimetal Complex bridged by Dipyridylpyrazine 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1925 JaeHyun Park Detailed Investigation of Photophysical Properties of Isomeric Carbene Ir(III) Complexes and their Applications to Deep-blue Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1938 Jin-Hyoung Kim Important role of some ancillary ligand in Blue Phosphorescent Iridium(III) Complexes with Sulfonyl-Substituted ligand 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1944 Pil Soo Kim Spectroscopic study on the phosphorescence of Pt-complexes 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
1981 So-Yoen Kim Tuning steric and electronic effects in phosphorescent Ir complex with terphenyl-modified phenylimidazolinate unit for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
2141 YUMI KIM Synthesis of Novel compounds having Ceramide structure and it's application 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
2292 Yang-Jin Cho Important Role on Intermolecular Charge Transfer and Photoinduced Electron Transfer by π-conjugation in D-π-A and D-π-Si-π-A dyads 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
2380 So Jung Lee Prediction on the thermal properties of the castable plastic bonded explosive using the thermal analysis data 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
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