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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0144 Minhyeong Lee Live cell-based sensor for detecting biological signal molecules 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0320 Jiyeon Han Redox-tuning of Small Molecules to Develop Chemical Regulators for Multiple Pathogenic Elements in Alzheimer’s Disease 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0321 Eunju Nam A catecholamine neurotransmitter towards pathogenic features found in Alzheimer’s disease 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0341 ikbum Park Sensitive and Specific MicroRNA Detection in a Single Neuronal Cell Using Atomic Force Microscopy 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0343 Eun Ji Shin Surface structure of Alpha-synuclein oligomer studied by force-based AFM 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0344 jihyun Yoon Surface Structure of Amyloid beta (Aβ) Characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0345 Soohyun Park Microarrays on A Dendron-Modified Surface and Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence Nanoparticles Improving Sensitivity for MicroRNAs 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0346 Donggyu Lee Quantitative Analysis of Neuronal Proteins Using Atomic Force Microscopy 46.Life Chemistry 포스터

Wooseok Ko Engineering a periplasmic binding protein for amino acid sensors with improved binding properties 46.Life Chemistry 포스터

sang kil KIM Genetic incorporation of L-DOPA biosynthezed by a tyrosine phenol-lyase 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0392 Hana Im Misfolded Z-type α1-Antitrypsin Proteins Induce Oxidative Stress 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0393 Hana Im Cyclophilins protect yeast cells from freeze-stress 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0687 Min Young Song Component interactions between hydroxylase and auxiliary enzymes from Methylosinus sporium strain 5 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0688 Ka Young Son Heterometal coordination to concanavalin A and its cadmium substitution 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0717 Yeo Reum Park Optimal growth and development through salt-defense mechanisms in Suaeda glauca 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0718 Yeo Reum Park Catalytic roles of zinc finger proteins with structural integration 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
0796 Euiyeon Lee Wash-free labeling of target proteins and the use of photochemical handles in live cells 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1091 Ha Neul Lee Conformational stability of a TNF-a monoclononal antibody investigated by steady-state fluorescence quenching 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1173 Yong-Hoon Kim Colorimetric sensor applications for agro-food fields 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1194 Inseok Song A small periplasmic protein with a hydrophobic C-terminal residue enhances DegP proteolysis as a suicide activator 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1249 Ga-eul Eom Development of a new method for finding protease substrates and its application to study the protein degradation 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1503 So young Yoon Effect of ERLBD302-552 on the amyloid fibril formation of α-synuclein 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1622 Gihyun Sung Ultrastable Synthetic Host-Guest Interaction Based Supramolecular Latching System as a Versatile Bioimaging Tool in Chemical Biology 국외소속 승인 1건 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1708 byungboon Yoon Th role of NUDT9 in hypoxia-inducible factor pahtway 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1723 hyeyoung kim Hair analysis in various pH conditions with FTIR microspectroscopy 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1729 Minyoung Kim Deposition of Single and Multi component ECM and Investigate mechanical properties of ECM vesicles 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1769 Hyoung sub Kim Glycan-density dependent binding of pathogenic proteins and cells 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1771 Hyun jiyoung Screening of carbohydrates that elicit immune responses using glycan microarray 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1778 Hyun jiyoung Discovery of Lectin-selective Ligands Using Carbohydrate Library Microarrays 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
1860 Jongyeon Go Effects of Charge and Ligand Structure of Gold Nanoparticles on Mammalian Cells 46.Life Chemistry 포스터
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