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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0177 Ah-Hyeon Park Sonochemical Preparation and characterization of Amorphous earth-abundant metal oxide Nanoparticles as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
0190 Hyun-Uk Park One-pot Synthesis of PdFePt Ternary Electrocatalyst with Synergetic Effect and Their Electrocatalytic Properties for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
0331 WEN JUAN SHI Facile sonochemical synthesis of PdCu alloy as highly active elctrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
0432 seonhwa lee Advanced separator of high performance to maximize the effect of the soluble catalyst for Li-O2 batteries 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
0459 WONJIN KWAK Pouch Type Cells for Large-Scale Li-air batteries 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
0692 Hwakyeung J... Methanol Dehydrogenation at Au@Pt catalysts for Methanol oxidation 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1003 Gun Yun Cascading Alignment of Multilayered SnO2/WO3/BiVO4 Inverse Opal Skeletons in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1005 Jidang Kim The GOs supported Pt nanoparticles with high activity and stability for hydrazine electro-oxidation in a strong acidic solution 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1009 Sang Ha Lee Chitosan-based polymeric binder for highly-stable silicon anode in Lithium ion battery 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1013 Maheswari b... The High-Performance Silver Plasmonic Nano Structure Coupled with BiVO4 Inverse Opal Photoelectrode to Improve the Water Oxidation 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1189 JIELING QIN Electrochemical detection of amyloid-β oligomers based on the signal application of nanostructured polypyrrole 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1204 Hyunjun An Size and shape-dependent catalytic performance of gold nanostructures 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1207 Nhan Duy Pham Facile synthesis of carbon-supported porous manganese–iron nanocomposites as bifunctional electrocatalysts 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1214 Jinheui Lee Sulfur-doped graphene via electrochemical exfoliation of graphite and its electrochemical application 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1220 Anh.T.N Nguyen Electrochemically synthesized all-carbon hybrid nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization and their applications 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1221 Sunguk Noh Development of Ru-Pd chain nanowires for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis in alkaline solution 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1229 Anh.T.N Nguyen Shape-dependent electrocatalytic behavior of Pd nanoparticles for the cathodic reduction of oxygen 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1259 Jae Ku Jung Non-ideal behaviors of peroxyorganic acid to enhance oxidizing power 50.Electrochemistry 포스터

heung seop Lee The Investigation of CV in Naphthalene Derivatives as High Energy Density Anolyte: Application for Redox Flow Battery 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1362 Hana Yoon Cobalt silicide nanowires based high-performance microsupercapacitors 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1364 Hana Yoon Surface functionalized porous carbon electrodes for enhanced electrochemical capacitor performance 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1420 Yunseok Shin For improving electrocatalitic activity of refluxed graphene oxide(Re-G-O) Co(acac)2 anchored on the Re-G-O for oxygen reduction reaction 50.Electrochemistry 포스터

Hyunil Cho Preparation and Electrochemical Investigation of TEMPOL Derivatives : Apply to Redox Flow Battery 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1463 Prabakar Ri... Enhanced Electrochemical Stability of Electrolyte and Corrosion Suppression on GO Coated Current Collectors in Grignard Reagent-Based Electrolytes (APC) for Magnesium Ion Battery 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1533 JunHyun Kim Real wastewater treatment for hydrogen production with microbial electrolysis cells 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1542 Nhung Hoang Detection of Single Water/Oil Nanoemulsion Droplet using Electrochemical Collisions on an Ultramicroelectrode 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1546 Thy Ho Detection and Counting of Red Blood Cells by Electrochemical Collision Method 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1547 Eui Joo Lee The Electrochemical Measurement of Low Concentrations of Mercury in Aqueous Solution Using Emulsion Droplet Extractor 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1551 Yongwon Jeon Domestic wastewater treatment with a photo-assisted microbial electrolysis cell 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
1566 Amol Bhairu... Magnesium aluminate triflate complex (MATC) as a new electrolyte system with wide electrochemical window for magnesium ion batteries 50.Electrochemistry 포스터
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