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- 접수기간 : 07월 18일 10시 ~ 08월 29일 17시(24시 기준)
- 수정기간 : 07월 18일 10시 ~ 08월 29일 17시(24시 기준) : 분야변경 불가, 초록 수정(삭제) 가능
08월 29일 17시 이후 : 초록 수정(삭제) 불가
검색된 초록 수 : 9
No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0876 Jeongae Won Analysis of Problems in the Representation of Acid-Base Model of Chemistry I Textbooks in 2009 Revised Curriculum and 2015 Revised Curriculum 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0594 Chulyong Park Analysis of Modeling Ability of 12th grade Science Department Students on Acid and Base Models 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0564 Eunhye Cho Analysis of conceptions and classification results of 10th grade students related to the three states of matter 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0552 Hyesook Cho Impacts of Argument-based Modeling(AbM) strategy on the peer assessment and self assessment in high school science 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0506 JaeYoung Han Writing and Reflecting on the Educational Volunteer Activity in Middle America 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0459 Kihyang Kim Electrolysis: What Textbooks Don’t Tell Us 국외소속 승인 1건 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0456 Hunsik Kang The Relationships Between Integrative Creativity and Creativity in Scientific Humor of Elementary Students 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0449 Jiaeng Park The Effects and Changes that Argument-based Inquiry Activities Have upon the Claim-Evidence of Scientific Writings by Elementary School Students 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
0120 Sungki Kim Exploring the Variation and Relationship with Actual Practice of Meta-Modeling Knowledge(MMK) Progression Levels for the Science Gifted 11.Chemistry Education 포스터
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