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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
1595 Hyeim Jeong Synthesis of -CF3-substituted ketones via electrochemical trifluoromethylation/1,2-carbon Migration sequences of alkenyl alcohols 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1594 Hyeim Jeong Photoredox-Catalyzed Selenylation/Ring-Expansion Cascades of Alkenyl Cyclobutanols: Synthesis of -Selenylated Cyclopentanones 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1593 Juhee Lee Synthesis of 3-selenylated imidazo[1,2–a]pyridines using electrochemical oxidation 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1592 Juhee Kim Radical Fluorination and 1,2-Alkyl Migration Cascades of Vinyl Cyclobutanols: Synthesis of Fluoromethyl-Substituted Cyclopentanones 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1583 Seung ryul Lee Development and Biological activity evaluation of saccharin Derivatives from N-hydroxymethyl saccharin 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Jin Sik Shin Chelation enhanced fluorescence of rhodamine based organic nanoparticles for selective detection of Hg2+ ion in aqueous medium 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Youyoung Kim Delineating Physical Organic Parameters in Site-Selective C–H Functionalization of Indoles 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Eun hui Song Design, Synthesis and Photophysical properties of Spiro[isoindoline-1,9'-xanthen]-3-ones 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Yongcheol Jung Functionalization of Organic Ligand in Alumina Surface : Photoluminescence Properties 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Kyungmin Kim Synthesis of benzo[g]quinazoline-2,4,5,10-tetraone derivatives for antibacterial 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Lee Seung yeob Self-assembly of pyrene boronic acid-based chemodosimeters for highly efficient mercury (II) ion 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Kyeongha Kim o-Naphthoquinone-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Amines: A Unified Amine Oxidation Strategy to Heteroaromatic Compounds 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1472 Seoyoon Kim A ratiometric fluorescence sensor based on enzymatic activatable micellization for quantitative detection of alkaline phosphatase activity 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Tae eun Park Micellization-induced amplified fluorescence response for highly sensitive detection of NTBI in serum 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1469 Yeonjin Jang A new fluorescent sensing platform: self-assembled conjugated polyelectrolyte micelles with amplifying signal transduction 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1462 Goeun Son Synthesis of Epoxy Alcohols via Tandem reaction in microreactor. 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1461 Yea seul Jang Efficient 5-hydroxymethylfurfural Synthesis Using a Newly Designed Microfluidic System 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Minhan Lee Diverted Approach to Access Site-Selctive Amidation of Carbonyl Compounds: Umpolung Reactivity of Iridium Nitrenoid 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1455 Birakishore... Pd-Catalyzed Synthesis of Strained-Alkene-Fused Heterocycles 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1442 Woohyeong Lee Pd-Catalyzed Regioselective C-H Alkenylation of Azoles Using Alkynes 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Jianbo Zhang Sequential C-H Borylation and N-Demethylation of 1,1’-Biphenylamines: An Alternative Route to Polycyclic BN-Heteroarenes 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Kyou yeong Sim Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 4,5 substituted 1, 2,4-Triazoles: A Novel Class of Inhibitors of Mushroom Tyrosinase 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1416 Sumin Jang 1H NMR Chiral Analysis of Chiral Alcohols Enabled by a Gallium-Based Chiral Solvating Agent 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Yeongyu Hwang Revisiting Arene C(sp2)−H Amidation by Intramolecular Transfer of Iridium Nitrenoids: Evidence for a Spirocyclization Pathway 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Sanghyeon Lee Bioinspired Total Synthesis of Oxidized Securinega Alkaloids: Chemical Insights for the Elucidation of Biogenetic Pathway 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1404 JaeHyeon Kim A Cryptocyanine-Based Mitochondria-Targeted Photothermogenic Photosensitizer 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Jeong Kyun Im Chlorinative Ring Contraction of 1,4-Dimethoxyphthalazines 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
1376 Jinwoo Kim Oxidatively Induced Reductive Elimination: Exploring the Scope and Catalyst Systems with Ir, Rh, and Ru Complexes 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Seung Youn ... Nitrene Transfer Reactions for γ-Lactam Synthesis: Catalyst Design, Application and Mechanism 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Jieun Song Convenient Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Butenolides through Direct or Stepwise Cyclocarbonylation 7.Organic Chemistry 포스터
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