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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
1700 Bora Seo
Oral Presentation
Electrochemical Approaches for Efficient Production of High-Value Fuels and Organics

Bora Seo

Electrochemistry 구두발표
1660 Mijeong Kang
Oral Presentation
3D Redox Capacitor for the Nanoconfinement-Assisted Electrochemical Analysis of Bacterial Communication

Mijeong Kang

Electrochemistry 구두발표
1101 Dong-Joo Yoo
Oral Presentation
Elucidating the Extraordinary Rate and Cycling Performance of Phenanthrenequinone in Aluminum Complex-Ion Batteries

Dong-Joo Yoo

Electrochemistry 구두발표