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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
5922 Duy Hien Mai Cage-like Crystal Packing through Metallocavitands within a Cobalt Cluster-based Supramolecular Assembly 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5921 Duy Hien Mai Rational Design of Discrete Inorganic Supramolecules with Superb-Hierarchical Structures through a Multilevel Coordination-Driven Assembly 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5915 Eun Ji Lee Diffusion-Control in the In Situ Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks within an Ionic Polymer Matrix 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5914 Dahae Song Anisotropic Proton Conduction in a Channel-Type Metal-Organic Framework MOF-74 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5913 Jihee Hwang Real-time observation of ATP-independent SSB displacement by RecO in Deinococcus Radiodurans 37.Oral Presentation for Young Scholars in P... 구두발표
5911 Jae Kyeom Kim Catalytic Performance of Mn-Ni Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoplates for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5910 Bui Thi Hon... The novel anthraquinone derivative inducing death of human cancer cells 53.Medicinal Chemistry 포스터
5909 YoungRo Lee Anomalous Kinetics of Loop Formation of A Single Polymer 49.Physical Chemistry 포스터
5905 MI-HYUN YOO A survey of the high school science teachers ' perception on teaching ‘ Integrated Science ’ and ‘ Scientific Exploration Experiment ’ according to the revised curriculum 2015 56.Chemistry Education 포스터
5901 Ahmed Zakar... Synthetic studies towards the development of fluorogenic probes for the detection of carbapenemase producing bacteria 53.Medicinal Chemistry 포스터
5899 SoYoung Kwak Thermally Stable Hole Transporting Material for Perovskite Solar Cells 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5898 Joon Yong Oh Versatile bioconjugated affibody-glutathione transferase protein gate keeper for drug delivery nanoparticle 53.Medicinal Chemistry 포스터
5897 Byeori Ok TEMPO derivatives-Based Catholyte for Li-Redox Flow Batteries 55.Electrochemistry 포스터
5896 Ki Hean Kim High-resolution Optical Tissue Imaging for Biology and Medicine 15.Molecular Bioimaging and Cutting Edge Tec... 심포지엄
5895 Woogyum Kim Ni-catalyzed synthesis of 1,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles 41.Oral Presentations of Young Scholars in O... 구두발표
5894 Hyunjin Jeon Genetically encoded biosensors to detect signaling molecules in living cells 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5893 Sang Hyun Ji Fabrication and characteristics of a water barrier membrane filter based on zeolite/PVDF-PVP core-shell nanofibers 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5892 Oh-Hoon Kwon Ultrafast Electron Microscopy: Visualization of Acoustic Vibration of a Single Nanorod in Space and Time 10.Recent Trends in Time- and Spatial-resolv... 심포지엄
5890 Jihun Park A Study on Relations between Mentees' Reflective Thinking and Reflective Practices in Cooperative Mentoring 43.New Trends in Chemistry Education 구두발표
5888 Se Yeon Song Rheological properties of different organo silane treated ceramic/photopolymer composites for stereolithography 3D printing 42.Oral Presentation of Young Material Chemists 구두발표
5879 Junheuk Park Metal–Organic Framework “Swimmers” with Energy-Efficient Autonomous Motility 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5876 Soong Ju Oh Nanocrystals for large area electronic devices and sensors 23.Material Chemistry for Emerging Large Are... 심포지엄
5875 Jinhee Bae A Chemical Function of Commonly Inert Trichloromethane: Room-Temperature Removal of Coordinated Solvents at Open Metal Sites in MOFs 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터

Hayoon Jung Au nanorod-CdS yolk-shell heteronanostructures for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5873 Min Jae Sung Copolymer for Narrow Band Green-Selective Organic Photodiode 46.Polymer Chemistry 포스터
5872 MINSEO CHOI Cooperative Protein Structural Dynamics of Homodimeric Hemoglobin Resolved by Time-Resolved X-ray Solution Scattering 49.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Moo-Hyun Oh Enantioselective Synthesis of the Northwestern Fragment of Tausalarin C 52.Organic Chemistry 포스터
5864 Minseon Kim Efficient purification processes for expressed human melanocortin-4 receptor 50.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
5863 hyunjun Jang Engineering, Expression and Structural studies of anti-inflammatory peptide, tIK 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5862 jiho jung Home built solid-state NMR probes: relevance to practical research 50.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
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