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2017 Reaxys PhD Prize is open of submissions

2017.01.18 09:25 조회 수 429

The 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize is now open

Submissions for the 8th annual Reaxys PhD Prize are now open. It is a great opportunity for talented young chemists to get international recognition for the excellence of their work. The Prize is open to those who have just completed or are still working on their PhD. Submissions will be accepted from now until March 13.

Each year 45 finalists are carefully selected from the submissions and invited to present their research at the Prize Symposium, which will be held in Shanghai this October. The finalists also join the Reaxys Prize Club, an exclusive community made up of some of the chemistry world’s brightest young minds. In addition, the 3 winners - selected and announced at the Symposium - each receive $2,000.

Watch highlights of the 2016 Reaxys Prize Symposium:

Could you or someone you know be one of this year’s finalists?

Details about applying and submission form can be found here:

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