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Polychar20 안내 (2012.3.26~30, Dubrovnik, Croatia)

2011.10.13 18:13 조회 수 31548


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The POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials belongs to a series of prestigious annual conferences taking place in different countries ( Earlier 11 POLYCHAR conferences were held in the USA (up to 2003), initiated by Professor Witold Brostow, University of North Texas, currently serving as the president of the Forum comprising the International Scientific Committee with members representing 53 countries across the globe (www.unt.eduPOLYCHAR/sci_comm.html). Later the POLYCHAR conferences were held in Portugal (2004), Singapore (2005), Japan (2006), Brazil (2007), India (2008), France (2009), Germany (2010) and Nepal (2011).

The POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials provides a platform for the presentation of innovations in Materials Science and Engineering from academia including students and from the industry. The philosophy of POLYCHAR is to provide an international forum for all participants to discuss their results and make new contacts, particularly international ones. Since POLYCHAR 1 the general objective has been the originality and high quality of work presented - not maximizing the number of participants who come from approximately 40 countries - so each conference is the most world wide congress in Polymer Science and Engineering. The aim is to gather 'under one roof' the theorists, those doing computer simulations or modeling, as well as processing and characterization people, with others from universities and industry, and enable them to lead discussions during the conference and post-conference events in an official and unofficial manner.

The POLYCHAR 20 forum, among other topics such as predictive methods and simulations, structure-properties relationships, surfaces, interfaces, adhesion and tribology, materials synthesis, rheology and processing, mechanical properties and performance, electrical and dielectric properties, will focus on nanomaterials, smart materials, biomaterials, green materials and materials for energy and recycling.

The conference is intended not only for those who are actively engaged in the field, from both industry and academia, but also for those wishing to enter the field and thus need to be acquainted with the latest developments. Contributions from all fields of MSE are welcome.

POLYCHAR 20 participants are welcome to Dubrovnik, making the Materials Research and Engineering more important to the Croatian and world scientific community.

On behalf of the Local Organizing/Scientific Committee, I would like to invite you to submit contributions for the presentation of POLYCHAR 20 and I am looking forward to welcoming you in March, 26-30 2012 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Vera Kovačević
POLYCHAR 20 Convener




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