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마감일 2016-11-04 


Merck Korea
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R&A Technical Support (Analytical Chemistry/ Instrumental Analysis/ Chemical Synthesis

•Fulfill customer requests for technical information and product support

- Utilize scientific knowledge and available resources to communicate requested information to the customer by phone, email, and instant messaging

- Provide scientific responses to the more difficult questions and solutions to customers’ research problems, consulting with more experienced scientists when necessary

- Recommend products based on customer needs and research interests

•Develop positive customer and colleague relations

- Maintain a professional demeanor by understanding, believing and expressing the Merck values in all communications with both internal and external customers and colleagues

- Follow through on commitments to customers and colleagues as promised

- Resolve issues by balancing customer and company interests

•Utilize customer interactions to maximize opportunities for technical, business, and service improvements.

- Document product quality issues

- Document product quality issues in a manner that facilitates resolution

- Identify and document customer requests for new products

- Enhance our product information databases by documenting technical information from customer interactions

•Contribute to company/dept operations and process improvement efforts

•Participate in the use of PDSA methodology

•Lead or actively participate on intra- and inter-departmental teams as assigned

•Miscellaneous duties and tasks as assigned

•Exemplary attendance and adherence to schedule

상세내용은 아래 링크를 통하여 확인 바랍니다.


Master degree in one of the chemical or life sciences; or Bachelor degree with equivalent experience in relevant scientific-based or laboratory/production work.

•Experience: Over 2 years as Technical Support in the related fields

•Specialty for Analytical Chemistry, Instrument Analysis, Chemical Synthesis

•Basic Knowledge for Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical, Agorochemistry

(Master degree or above. Preferred if one has Ph.D)

•Fluent Korean , Business Lv. English

•Research or Technical experience for Analytical Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis Expertise or Chemical Synthesis Experience

•Preferable if one has Biochemistry, Chemistry or Life Science knowledge in areas of expertise.

•Interpersonal skills.

•Acts as a resource and role model for others.

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

•Ability to work and participate in a team.

•Must be self motivated.

•Computer skills. The ability to rapidly and constantly change topics of discussion and levels of communication, be able to multitask.


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