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안내 : Pacifichem 2020 Symposium Proposals

2018.01.15 17:43 조회 수 747

We would like to encourage you, as a leading and active scientist in chemistry and related areas, to ORGANIZE and PROPOSE a SYMPOSIUM (or symposia) for the Honolulu Congress.


Pacifichem Congresses have been unique in that the scientific program consists of symposia proposed not by the Organizing Committee but by participants, i.e., by you and your colleagues, and obviously this implies that the success of Pacifichem 2020 critically depends on your symposium proposals. 


The Symposium Proposal is very simple, easy, and user-friendly: 


VISIT the website (
LOG IN into Pacifichem 2020 On-Line Symposium System for setting your account. 
FOLLOW closely the Symposium Guideline shown therein. 
SUBMIT your proposal online. 
Once submitted, you may return to your account ANY TIME and as many times as you like to modify and refine your proposal: 


Submission Deadline: April 9th, 2018, midnight EST, USA. 


We look forward to finding your excellent symposium proposals. 


With best regards,


Pacifichem 2020 Organizing Committee



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