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안내 : Pacifichem 2020 Second Round Proposal

2019.02.22 14:53 조회 수 559

Pacifichem 2020 - Round Two Symposium Proposal now open.
The deadline is April 8, 2019


Symposium Proposals

First Round Calls for Symposium Proposals

First Round Call for symposium proposals for Pacifichem 2020 have now closed.

All submitted proposals will be reviewed and graded by the Topic Area Reviewers and Chairs.  Accepted First Round proposals will be published in the Preliminary Program in September 2018.

Second Round Call for Symposium Proposals

The call for the Second Round of symposium proposals is currently open and will close April 8, 2019.  Accepted Second Round Proposals will be published in the Preliminary Program during August – September, 2019.

All proposals are managed through the Pacifichem 2020 On-Line Symposium System.

Symposium Guidelines

  1. The Pacifichem 2020 scientific program will be scheduled during the period Tuesday, December 15 through Sunday, December 20, 2020.
  2. Each symposium must have a minimum of three (3) co-organizers who are from different Pacific Rim countries, members of the Pacifichem 2020 Cosponsoring Societies or Official Participating Organizations [OPOs]. One shall be designated as the “Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO),” and all correspondence (e-mail, FAX, letters) relating to the symposium will be directed to this contact person. It is the responsibility of the CSO to keep all other co-organizers informed.
  3. All symposia are managed through the Pacifichem 2020 On-Line Symposium System.
  4. Symposium consist of the name of the Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO), and at least 2 additional co-organizers.  Three co-organizers must be from different Pacific Rim countries.  In addition the symposium contains the symposium title, and a brief 150-300 word description of the symposium topics that will be covered in the technical sessions.
  5. Each symposium must include contributed papers, either oral or poster or both. Because there will be no oral General Sessions, organizers are requested to accommodate as many contributed oral papers as possible.
  6. Except for special circumstances, a symposium will have no more than five (5) half-day daytime oral sessions. Additional oral and/or poster sessions may be accommodated in the evenings.
  7. Each half-day oral session will have a maximum duration of 4 hours and should contain at least five (5) presentations. Sessions may have a short break (10 min) for networking or coffee; Sessions may also incorporate a short (5 min) introduction or conclusion. Evening sessions will be 2 hours in duration.
  8. Each half-day oral session should have speakers from more than one country.
  9. Limits on oral and poster presentations: Maximum of 2 invited presentations per individual speaker. Maximum of 3 presentations (2 invited plus 1 contributed) per individual speaker. (There is no limit on co-authorship).
  10. All contributed oral papers are of 20 min duration. The duration of invited oral papers (e.g., 20 min, 30 min, 40 min) is at the discretion of the symposium organizers. However, organizers should note that shorter invited talks (e.g. 30 min) allow for greater flexibility with scheduling more speakers per session.
  11. Pacifichem 2020 will provide complimentary registrations in the form of registration voucher codes for invited speakers using the following procedure:  Two (2) complimentary registrations will be allocated per half-day session if sessions contains 6 or more oral presentations; and one (1) complimentary registration voucher code for less than 6 presentations per half-day session.  No complimentary registrations will be allocated for evening sessions.
  12. All organizers should be aware of the Pacifichem, Inc Diversity/Inclusion Statement while organizing their symposia.

Submit Proposal



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