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출연연 Argonne National Laboratory - postdoc position - superconductor
2016.01.07 조회 수 : 1218 마감일 : 2016.01.29

Argonne National Laboratory, Postdoc position - Superconductors


Postdoctoral Appointment – Emerging Materials (400511)


Basic Purpose

Materials Science Division has an opening position of postdoctoral appointee. The research project aims at discovery of new superconductors. Experimental work involves synthesis and crystal growth of a wide range of bulk materials by structural, optical, magnetic and electrical characterizations of crystals.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Primary major in synthesis, crystal growth and characterization for solid state bulk materials in the area of chalcogenides, pnictides, oxides, halides, and intermetallic alloys.
  • A strong experimental and theoretical background in crystallography, magnetism, transport property measurements, and electron microscopy.
  • Experience with large scale crystal growth using Bridgman technique, Czochralski, Floating zone, and molten metal/salt flux is highly preferred.
  • A strong experimental and theoretical background in crystallography, spectroscopy, and charge transport measurements.
  • Note: Nanoscience, thin film and deposition, and organic or bio-related areas are not in consideration for this position.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Candidates must have a Ph.D. in chemistry or materials science or equivalent.

Additional Requirements:

  • Candidate must have good written and oral communication skills and work well with others in a team oriented environment.


This position will involve a considerable amount of experimental laboratory work with a variety of synthetic techniques such as high temperature solid state reaction, flux reaction chemistry, and purification and crystal growth using zone refining and Bridgman techniques. The work will also include a variety of physical measurements such as electrical resistivity, heat capacity, X-ray crystallography, gamma-ray spectroscopy, and related techniques. The candidate is expected to think and work independently and conduct research in a highly interdisciplinary environment of chemist, physicist and materials scientists.


Application to be submitted

Argonne National Laboratory website:

Requisition Number: 400511